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Dear Dowry 48 hour film project 2007

Mentos Commercial 1 Mentos Commercial 2 Red Bull Rough Cuts Skateboarding Video Super Zeroes On the Lam News Sequence Bitch Slapped Dream Sequence
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SuperZeroes - The Adventures of Cellulad episode 1

Directed by Aaron Patterson

Size: 3.8 mb
Length: 1min 07sec

This is part of a series of short comedies I did of "SuperZeroes," heroes that make little or no contribution to society. I covered Mr. Non-Confrontational who would always fight crime from a distance without getting involved, and the Crimpersonator, who would enact the same exact crime upon the villain that the villain just commited themself. But my favorite was this one, CelluLad, a SuperZero who fights crime with the latest cellular telephone technologies.


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