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March 21, 2008

Over the past week or so, I've posted three new projects: one video, SuperZeroes, and two motion graphics pieces, Time Machine, and Black20 Title Slates. Check them out!

view Super Zeroes SuperZeroes
length: 1min 07sec
size: 3.8 mb


view time machine visual effects Time Machine Visual FX
length: 08sec
size: 1 mb


view time machine visual effects Black20 Title Slates
length: 27sec
size: 560 kb



48 Hour Film Project - Dear Dowry

July 24, 2007

True Studios took part in the 2007 48 Hour Film Project in Louisville, KY. If you are unfamiliar with the 48 Hour Film Project, it is a competition that travels from city to city across the United States and the world. Each city has a weekend (48 hours) in which every team must write, film, and edit a 4-7 minute short film that fits in their genre and includes any other "required elements."
This year we met at 7pm on Friday July 20 and drew a random genre out of a bag. The genre I drew was Comedy. There were also three required elements that were announced. They are as follows:

Prop - Ice Cream
Character - Alan or Alma Roberts, Fashion Designer
Line of Dialogue - "See. That's what you get."

We set to work immediately, and came up with this film, "Dear Dowry," 48 hours later.

view Dear Dowry Dear Dowry,
length: 6min 29sec
size: 20.6 mb



Memento Titles Reworked

June 21, 2007
I have just updated my Memento Title Sequence so check it out! When I had originally done this piece, I never quite finished it. Now I am one step closer to reaching that point. I added some interesting 3d effects and reflections to some of the early titles, and I thoroughly cleaned up all the photoshop files that composed the giant 3d collage. Some of the images had rough edges so I cleaned all those up and worked a lot more with giving everything shadows in After Effects in order to give it a more substantial and three dimensional feel. I also added a much needed vignette. I will someday add many more credits and much more to the collage (which will make my render times last for days), but for now you can see the progress I've made HERE.


Mentos Parody - Now With Blood!

June 18, 2007
I have now uploaded a new version of my Mentos Parody with blood. For a more gruesome verion of the video (It's not too gruesome; don't worry) go HERE. I composited the blood with the help of After Effects and Final Cut Pro. I got footage of the blood from the kind folks over at detonationfilms.com. Detonation Films is a great resource for any low budget filmmakers looking to add some special effects to their projects. The site is a little hard to navigate, but make sure to look through all the content they provide, because there is a lot of really sweet free and cheap stuff.
Now With Blood! View the new version.


Ryan Sheckler Autographed Skateboard

June 9, 2007
Red Bull just sent me a custom autographed Red Bull Rough Cuts skateboard deck from Ryan Sheckler. I'm guessing this was a gift to the top 5 finalists, but all 25 finalists might have gotten one for all I know. Either way it looks pretty sweet and if I'm ever in desperate need for money I could probably fetch a pretty penny for it on E-bay.
autographed skateboard


Agora & CineMUSEica

April 24, 2007
Please join us fellas from True-Studios at Agora on April 28th. We are also premiering work at the Drexel Grandview on May 9th for CineMUSEica. Hope to see you there!




May 15, 2007
Well, Ryan Sheckler chose the winner from the top 5, and unfortunately it wasn't my video.
I wasn't too impressed by the winning edit. See for yourself at their website.
May 1, 2007
Because of your help, and the public's votes, I made the top 5!!!!!!! Thanks everyone! I'm so happy to have been in the top 5 finalists out of 1000 edits.
April 1, 2007
Yes! I made it in the top 25 finalists on the Red Bull website. Now you can vote for me! Go HERE and give me as many 10 star ratings as possible. Thanks everyone!


Red Bull Rough Cuts

March 15, 2007
I just submitted a 3 minute edit to the Red Bull Rough Cuts competition. There were 1000 entrants total, and if I make the top 25, you can vote for my piece to win on their website. I will keep you updated on my progress. You can view it in my Video section of My Work here.
visit red bull rough cuts dot com


Dinner with Rob Nilsson

March 5, 2007
I had dinner with Rob Nilsson the other evening. A group of friends and faculty from CCAD met with him all day. It was a wonderful experience to relax, drink some beers, and talk film with a winner of both the Camera d'Or at Cannes Film Festival and the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. He is the first American film director to win both awards. It's always so rejuvinating to discuss your passions with others who share the same passions. Visit Rob's Website.

Rob Nilsson group picture at dinner


Tile M for Murder - On the Lot

Feb 20, 2007
My True-Studios colleague, Greg Kissner, has a 5 minute short film - Tile M For Murder in the running for the new Mark Burnett, Steven Spielberg reality television show "On The Lot." I helped out with assistant direction, sound design, and visual effects. Register on the website and give him a good rating and review! Help him get on the show. The priemere of the TV show is May 22nd, so you don't have much time to make sure Greg is one of the finalists. While the public reviews aren't the sole decision maker for who becomes one of the finalists, they certainly do help. We are really proud of this piece. Be proud with us.

You can view a better quality version on True-Studios' website HERE.

watch Tile M for Murder
visit On the Lot's website



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