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Model against window

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Model against window


This was from a photo shoot in which I had the model stand in front of a backlit window. The shoot took place in the B&E Bistro on the campus of Columbus College of Art & Design.

Unlike most of my commercial photography, this photo was taken with a standard point and click digital camera (it was actually the model's Canon Powershot to be exact) because I was just fooling around at the time. It was just after the serious photo shoot with the Mamiya Medium Format. I adjusted some of the exposure and aperture settings on her camera manually and got a really nice effect with the backlight spilling over the model giving an angelic glow. Her Canon Powershot was really nice for a standard point and click.

Anyway, in case you are wondering who the model is, she is my very close friend and children's illustrator, Rebecca Gazarik. You can access her portfolio website at the link below:

Rebecca Gazarik Children's Illustration

Rebecca Gazarik Children's Illustrator :: Close friend of mine and terrific illustrator in the children's market

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