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My Friends, Colleagues, and Co-Conspirators:
True Studios

True Studios :: This is a group of my friends and me that collaborates on short films and videos as well as feature length projects. Following are the individual websites of my True Studios colleagues:
Greg Kissner
Aaron Syler
Corey Aumiller
Joe Rosenblum

Doctor Docatto's Reprise

Doctor Docatto's Reprise :: This is a well done animated short done by three of my friends from Algorithm Animation Studios.

Rebecca Gazarik Children's Illustration

Rebecca Gazarik Children's Illustrator :: Close friend of mine and terrific illustrator in the children's market

Dreamkeepers Comic Book

Dreamkeepers Comic Book :: My friend and former colleague David Lillie has published Vol. 1 of his comic book Dreamkeepers to great success. Check out the website to see all the positive reviews, recognition, and fantastic artwork.

Jon Moser

Jon Moser Design :: Advertising and Graphic Design.

Visit my My Space Page  My MySpace page:

Visit my YouTube Channel  My YouTube Channel:

Cool FREE Stuff for designers/filmmakers

Video CoPilot Tutorials :: This site is run by Andrew Kramer, and he provides loads of terrific tutorials for Adobe After Effects. It's great for beginners and intermediate After Effects users. It really helped refresh my memory because I haven't been in an After Effects Class for a few years now.
Detonation Films :: Detonation Films is a great resource for any low budget filmmakers looking to add some special effects to their projects. It's not the best designed site, and it's a little hard to navigate, but make sure to look through all the content they provide, because there is a lot of really sweet, free, and cheap stuff. Explosions, blood, muzzle flashes and more!
DaFont :: This is my favorite font site. Great Site for any font you could need.
Veer Wallpapers :: This is where I get my desktop wallpapers. All free, all screen sizes, all really sweet!
Misprinted Type :: This site contains some nice fonts and photoshop brushes.
Mayang's Free Texture Library :: This site has a great many hi-res images that you can use as textures for your 3d animations, motion graphics, and photoshop files, not to mention anything else you can think of. There is a limit to 20 hi-res textures a day per machine. So either switch to another machine, or continue downloading tomorrow.


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